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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance? 

We offer many cash-based plans that include valuable family and individual savings options. We strive to make our plans affordable for our clients, so they receive the care they need at all times. We accept flex spending and health savings accounts, cash, check and credit card. 


Do you see many children in your office? 

Absolutely! At any given moment, there are children playing, drawing on our chalkboard, high-fiving Dr. Corinne and of course getting their nerve systems checked and cleared. The majority of the children we see come to us for wellness care; although we help many children with ear infections, asthma, allergies, and digestive issues. Every child deserves to be healthy and live life through a clear and optimally functioning nerve system. We love serving kids! 


Why is it important for children to be adjusted?

From conception onward, our children’s nerve systems are constantly growing and changing. They are consistently adapting to their environments; good and undesirable. In a natural vaginal birth, our babies’ bodies withstand upwards of 50 pounds of pressure. That stress grows exponentially when medications are used or babies are born via cesarean. 


If there is any stress in your child’s nerve system, they will not be able to adapt as readily, heal as quickly, and thrive, as we so deeply desire for them. Stress or interference in the nerve system is like a dimmer switch in a room; the more interference present, the darker and therefore the less function that entire environment has.  It is much better (and easier) for the family to keep children healthy than it is to help ailing adults. 


Is chiropractic care safe during pregnancy? 

Absolutely! Aside from just after birth, during pregnancy is one of the most important times in peoples lives to be checked and adjusted. It is completely safe and very beneficial to be adjusted while pregnant. Studies show decreased labor times for mothers who receive regular chiropractic care during their terms. In addition, expectant mothers often report more ease, mobility and comfort during times of growth and even during labor.  Our care is gentle and specific and mothers’ comfort is our utmost concern. Dr. Corinne loves working with pregnant mothers and is Webster technique certified. Chiropractic care fits beautifully and vitally into the regimen of any family desiring the healthiest pregnancy and birth possible! 

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