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Cycles of Life

I remember this time of year growing up like it was yesterday. Cool mornings, leaves starting to turn, maybe a new pair of tennis shoes, a few outfits, and school supplies! August always meant preparation for another school year. As a daughter of a kindergarten teacher, we had even more preparation at my house. This marked a cycle for us. As much as it was a beginning, it was also an ending.

By this time each year, vacations and long weekends wrapped up summer. The days of having mom home were coming to a close - harvest was right around the corner for dad. As we cycled through this period, we had time to reflect on where we had been and what we had done that summer while also dreaming and setting goals for what the coming year had in store.

Cycles are within the laws of nature and laws of healing. Our bodies are consistently cycling whether by making new blood cells, digesting our food, or creating hormones to be released and used. Cycles are part of your health journey every second of everyday. They consist of stops and starts at any given moment. The body is constantly reevaluating its next move, its next need, and its next cycle.

During this cycle into another school year, I invite you to reflect on where you’ve been to set goals or revisit your goals for where you are going next. Cycles can be challenging and bittersweet to reflect upon. They can also be invigorating. Cheers to another cycle – a cycle of health and healing, of endings and beginnings, of lessons learned and coming blessings.


Dr. Corinne

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