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Finding Comfort in Change

What do the following have in common? Seasons, choices, children, environments, life, time, relationships and evolution.

They all deal with constant change and adaptation. My dad once wisely told me, “The ONLY constant, is change itself.” This has stuck with me through both the best and the hardest times in my life. As all you parents know, just as soon as you think your kids may be falling into a routine, something changes… or they grow… or they simply decide it's not as cool anymore, right?!?! So, what do we do to gain some semblance of balance? We change too… moreover, we adapt.

The stresses of our daily lives are not lessening or slowing down; they’re actually quickening and mounting higher than ever before. The sheer amount of chemical stresses on our bodies from our environment, our diets, our stinkin’ thinkin’ processes, is at an all time high. No matter who you are, your body is constantly changing with the stresses of your life experiences.

To manage these changes most efficiently, our bodies create hormones. These stress hormones, called catecholamines, can be elevated in the blood from stressors as simple as bright lights, low blood sugar and loud noises. We want these to be elevated in times of true threats for survival, but we also want them to come back down when we are no longer in fight or flight mode. The problem is, most of us STAY in fight or flight for the majority or our days, weeks, months and even years. Your ability to adapt is crucial for your survival and thriving… and a huge part of your care in our office.

The great news is you are taking the steps you need to ensure your most optimal adaptation! You are getting your spine regularly checked for and cleared of subluxation. Your chiropractic adjustments decrease the amount of stress hormones (catecholamines) in your blood; therefore, decreasing your stress response and bringing you into a more relaxed state. How awesome is that?!

Take care knowing that with every adjustment, your body is better able to change and evolve and - therefore, able to better take care of YOU! And when you are better taken care of, you are able to BE YOU, BE Happy, BE Positive, BE Light and BE Love! Your chiropractic adjustments allow you to LIVE Ghandi’s quote, “BE the change you wish to see in the world.”


Dr. Corinne

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