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Health is not free

It would be so nice if we could snap our fingers and just 'be healthy' ... all the time, every day. Though health is our natural state, it is not free. It is to be learned, earned, expressed, and cherished day in and day out.

Studying more on pediatric chiropractic this week, I am reminded just how much our health is, like any valuable thing in life, not free. Being truly healthy takes time, discipline, intention, encouragement, money, planning, empowerment, old fashioned hard work, insight, focus, and at times, extra will power.

What we experience our health to be is an accumulation of the choices we make over time. What we choose to do, to eat and whom we choose to be, all help determine our present and future states of health. These choices that we make have natural consequences; desired or undesired.

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And what’s more, our children are watching and learning our every move. “Your children will learn via your actions and example, inheriting a health culture they will carry with them for a lifetime.”[1] Seem like climbing Mt. Everest? Especially in a culture that values convenience, competition, and busy lifestyles? Some days it absolutely can!

Here’s a couple steps to keep choosing health simple:

*Make one decision at a time: stairs or elevator? Cake or strawberries?

*Make it fun! Your children don’t think of health as a ‘to do.’ Dance while cooking dinner, lightly jog instead of stroll and as my son, Charlie, would say, “Go! Go! Go!”

*Drink plenty of warm or room temp water. It’s more easily absorbed!

*Get your spine checked for subluxation once weekly.

*Meal plan and prep when you have a block of time. Weeknights get hectic and it can be harder to eat healthier when on the run. Plan it out and work as a team with the family.

*Breathe! Being perfect is an illusion. Do your best and rest knowing that one healthy decision is better than perpetuating unhealthy cycles unconsciously.

Make an investment in your health one choice at a time. Above all these things, the one that absolutely needs to be addressed in every household, is getting your spine checked weekly by a family wellness chiropractor. We live our lives through our nerve systems, and if there is any interference our health expression is dimmed at best. A healthy nerve system is the foundation for your most optimal quality of life

[1] Well Adjusted Babies, Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani, 2nd edition, 2009.

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