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Chiropractic Compliments Yoga

The connection between yoga and chiropractic is multifaceted. Though these modalities are not one in the same, they compliment one another greatly with physical, mental and emotional benefits. Physically, the body thrives best when in symmetrical alignment and movements are fluid, strong and flexible. We can only achieve these optimums with proper nerve flow first, and then exercises and postures with balanced integrity. In your yoga classes, instructors help you achieve this integrity in your practice by making minor shifts to your pose. Chiropractors do this for our everyday postures and our moment-to-moment life experiences. We live our lives through our nerve system and only chiropractors are trained to look for and correct these interferences. This allows our bodies to be better balanced and therefore function and perform at a higher level. Another common denominator is that in the long run, we start to feel better and better with the more discipline we put into both of these healthy regiments. Adding chiropractic care to your yoga practice will benefit you mentally and emotionally as well. Endorphins and other neurotransmitters are released in our bodies immediately following a chiropractic adjustment. This elevates moods and emotions, relieves stress in the body and allows for better health and healing over all. As with any healthy lifestyle choice, the discipline to practice yoga or to routinely receive chiropractic care is strengthening to both our mental and emotional health. We can’t simply eat cleanly on Wednesdays and expect to be healthy! There are many people that enjoy yoga for the spiritual benefits. In chiropractic, I will liken this to a practice of self care; taking care of the temple of your body. In both yoga and chiropractic, we work to elevate your consciousness to have a new relationship with your body. Your body wants to help you, it wants you to thrive, it wants to feel those deeper yoga poses and it wants to exude health. Overall, chiropractic care and yoga go hand in hand and give greater benefit when done together. Sometimes we’re asked the question, “I do yoga; why do I need chiropractic?” This is like asking, “I exercise; why do I need to eat healthy?” Answer, they are not one in the same. Diet and exercise give us similar benefits and contribute to our overall health; adding chiropractic to your already healthy lifestyle will take your health journey to the next level! We love to work with families and individuals that know the value of a healthy lifestyle, and want it to improve at all times. Call us to see how we can help you achieve your health goals today!

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