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Back to School Backpack Tips

As you take your child's picture on the first day of school and send them off, pat yourselves on the back for me. The amazing parents in our practice know the best thing to help their children adapt well this fall is to keep their nerve systems clear and connected. 90% of illnesses have their roots in negative stress. In the workplace, it costs employers $300 billion per year in stress-related health issues and sick leave. Kids experience it too but generally do not know how to talk about it or even what it is they're feeling. Talk with your kids about school year transitions frequently. Let them know you are helping them by choosing healthy foods, great activities and getting their nerve systems cleared. Share what you know about a healthy chiropractic lifestyle with other parents -- they are looking for answers just like you were. You could change their lives! Cheers to a great school year Foundations Families!

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