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Healthy Foundations

When we focus on what we want to see happen or come to be, we can truly start building the path to get there with success and the most grace possible. Just for a second, stop and daydream with me… Fast-forward to December 2017, what do you want to be saying about the year you’ve just had? What will you give thanks for? What obstacles do you see yourself overcoming? Got a few things in mind? Good. This is where we start; with the end in mind. Write those things down so we can actively work toward them. Now, get present, here and now. What do you need to be doing today, January 19th, to take one step closer to having those feelings, accomplishing those goals, or navigating those obstacles? This month is about building a healthy foundation to make this year the best yet in YOUR life. What needs to be deleted from your schedule? What needs to be added? Where can you find an extra 5 minutes each day for deep breathing and self-care? I’ve asked you many questions so far, so let’s cut to the chase: 1) Identify 2 concentrations for the year. 2) Make 1 change this week that brings those into priority. 3) Make 1 change next week to prioritize those concentrations. 4) Keep these 2 changes week in and week out, don’t add more: just these two, repeated each week. I would to know what you’re working on to take your care to another level here in our office. Please share if you’d like! Cheers to an amazing year ahead of health, happiness, love, laughter and community!

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