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Tender Loving Care

We all need a little TLC this time of year, and really all the time! This month, we’re focusing on how to truly care for and love ourselves from the inside out. The hearts in the office serve as sweet reminders of all that is right in our health, in our bodies, in our lives! Your nerve system is constantly working IN YOUR FAVOR and is LOVING YOU from the inside out! You love it back by keeping it checked and functioning more and more optimally. For anything that we feel is uncomfortable or sub-optimal in our body or life, there are exponentially more things working toward health, life, love, peace, etc. Health is a continuum; we are always moving toward one end or the other. Choose LIFE, LIGHT, LOVE, HEALTH, HEALING moment to moment. TLC starts right now. Take a deep breath and focus in on your body: what are do you love most about yourself? Focus on that all day today, love your Self up!

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