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Spring Into Aligned Action

Springtime activities picking up in your households, too?? They are in our home! One tool that I’m using to prioritize and stay organized is to take aligned actions. Aligned actions are those projects, activities or tasks that line up with our core values and help us accomplish more in less time while moving toward our higher goals. Join me, let’s go! First, make sure you’re crystal clear on your core values. Do you value freedom, love, health, connection, support, success, communication? If you’re unsure, Google “core values” and rate your highest values. Most importantly, identify WHY those are your top core values!! THIS alone is your driver! Second, with your core values in mind, identify what projects need to occur for you to be and fully express those values. Be really specific here as to what could get you ‘there’ the fastest in your eyes. From these projects, break down each one into a group of tasks. Some you may want to do and others you may not. Align these projects to your core values. Next, who do you need help from? Are there people that you share these values with that you could also share the Aligned Actions with? We each have certain gifts and interests, ask others for help to share their gifts with you, too, for a mutually beneficial end. Delegate where you can and get excited for your own inspired activity. Welcome the opportunity to align with others’ inspired core values. Last, align back to your WHY…why are these values so important to you? What are these completed tasks going to bless you with? And when you really feel it, get going! Take those actions from an inspired place! Notice how quickly you’ll be able to check things off your list and notice how much energy it doesn’t take from you when you take inspired aligned action! Note: this could happen as quickly as a day or two if you get really focused! We need an aligned nerve system and an aligned value system! Health is multifactorial! Enjoy all your action taking and have a blessed spring season!

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