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5 Tips for Investing in Yourself

The holiday season is upon us with Thanksgiving right around the corner. We have done other newsletters in the past centered around being grateful and thankful. Although we are those things to a very deep level, we are going to take a different approach to our gratitude this month. During this very busy time of year, it’s easy to focus on what the kids need, on what the in-laws need, on what your spouse needs… all before what YOU need. Therefore, it is also easy to get run down, to simply go from one activity to the next, bake (and eat) one sweet after the last, stay up way too late, and skip going to the gym like you usually do.

This season, it is my challenge to each of you to INVEST in yourself. You’ve heard me talk about self-care; yes, this is in alignment with that. If we do not first invest in ourselves, we have nothing of great value to give to others. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not talking about being selfish… there is a great difference. Invested self-care comes from the place of, “If I want to be a better ________ (mom, dad, spouse, coworker, boss, etc), I must first make sure I have what I need to do so.” This being energy, time, resources, and above ALL ELSE…HEALTH! When you are not healthy or expressing your highest good, you are but a fragment of your potential and those around you are not served as well because of it.

How can you invest more in yourself this holiday season? Each one of us is balanced or out of balance to varying degrees. Think of your life in quadrants: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Each one of these should be balanced with the others; where do you put the majority of your time, and how can you come into a better balance?

5 Tips for Investing in Yourself

1. Get Your Spine Checked For Subluxations - Come in for regular chiropractic adjustments to ensure your body is expressing fully and able to thrive throughout the holidays.

2. Proactively Plan Out Your Self Care - Get specific with planning out chiropractic adjustments, exercise, and meditation/relaxation sessions. At Café of Life, we are happy to help you schedule out appointments... all the way into January and beyond!

3. Schedule Your Nerve Scan - Scans help us to visually understand how stress is manifesting within your nervous system. Café of life is scanning all existing clients for free, and it only takes about 15 minutes! Speak to Alex about scheduling yours in the coming weeks.

4. Drink Water and Eat Healthy Foods - Enjoying nourishing foods and drinking plenty of water will keep your immune system strong and reduce sugar cravings.

5. Take Time to be Present - In the hustle and bustle of holiday festivities, it is easy to get caught up in to-do lists, obligations and party planning. Make sure to pause throughout the day and take in the simple joys of the present moment.

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