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A New Foundation

“The thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, the way I see it, is service to a fellow human being.” -Lee Iacocca

It’s no secret that serving our community has been at the core of our existence and purpose at the Café of Life. However, we have felt a needed shift coming so we can better serve Northern Colorado families. This shift comes from our experience of

fresh new starts, beginnings, new foundations for health, wellbeing, love, community, thriving, prosperity and happiness. As with health and healing, all of these things come from within our very cores. So too has this change!

It is with great excitement that we welcome you to your newly renamed chiropractic community, Foundations Family Chiropractic! We received feedback that – although we’ve been in Fort Collins for over 6 years, many people didn’t know who we are or what we do to help families and children live healthier, more fully expressed lives. With this new change comes an opportunity to rebrand and get our message and mission out in our community like never before.

Why Foundations Family Chiropractic?

Our new name came to me while studying one day back in October. Construction workers were in our backyard setting up the forms to pour new foundation. As Charlie and I watched their process, it occurred to me they were helping our family in a similar fashion to how we help families with their health. Without a strong foundation, a home can easily fall apart. Without a strong foundation of love, happiness, discipline and hard work, a family struggles. Without a strong foundation, our toxic environments can easily sway our health. Without a strong foundation, our relationships are weaker and can easily waver. Without a strong nerve system, every other cell, tissue and organ wouldn’t be able to coordinate growth, repair and function. Parents set the foundation for their children’s wellbeing through their own health and lifestyles. Where there is a desire to flourish and thrive, there must also be a strong foundation. That’s where Foundations Family Chiropractic comes in for our community!

It is our mission to help Northern Colorado families thrive from the inside out: helping people connect to their innate healing potential so they can more fully express their God given talents and gifts. It is our responsibility to share with every mother and every father the potential every child deserves to experience from the moment they take their first breath.

We Can Help!

Asthma, allergies, colic, constipation, ear infections, ADD or ADHD … although many of these are common childhood ailments, this does not mean that they are normal for children to experience or suffer with. Empowering mothers and fathers with the laws of natural health and healing truly saves and changes family’s lives.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes by the second as a new one is forming within her. It is during this formative time women can most greatly benefit from a clear functioning nerve system and body. If there is any stress or disturbance in her nerve system, there also is stress and interference in baby’s body. The sooner we help mom get and stay healthy, baby will have the most optimal start possible!

I believe that the most provident foundation for world change starts within our homes and families. The health of one person greatly affects the health of all others and therefore puts out a lasting impact on our neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, communities, countries and the world. We want to do our part in helping NoCo families build the strongest foundations of health and happiness, one brick at a time.

We hope that you will help us celebrate this new beginning, this new Foundation!

Please Save the Date for Thursday, May 12th from 4:30-7 to celebrate our grand re-opening and ribbon cutting. We will have activities for the kids, food, drawings for door prizes, and live music! Please bring your friends and family and join in the celebration of our new Foundation!


Dr. Corinne

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